It’s possible that you’ll need a Louisiana succession lawyer to help you after your loved one dies; however, you may not be sure that’s necessary. Many probate lawyers require you to pay a retainer to find out if you need an attorney. However, Scott Vicknair Law, Estate and Probate Division lawyers offer a case evaluation, so you can gather the necessary information to decide whether you need to hire a succession attorney.  Meeting with a probate lawyer

What to Discuss During Your Case Evaluation

You want to make the most of your time with a succession lawyer during your consultation. If possible, it is a good idea to note the things you want to discuss ahead of time, so you’re prepared. Items on your discussion list might include:

  • The decedent’s will. Let the succession lawyer know if your loved one has a will, if there are any disputes about the will’s validity, if the will can’t be found, or if your loved one died without a will.
  • The likely heirs. You want to identify all heirs included in the will or who should receive inheritances according to Louisiana’s intestacy laws and note any disagreement over who is an heir. Heir disputes may make a succession case more challenging.
  • The estate’s assets and liabilities. You may not have a full accounting for the estate yet. However, if there are any disputed assets or liabilities or high value assets, you want to make sure the attorney is aware of them, so he can anticipate future disputes.
  • Succession options. Louisiana law allows for different kinds of succession proceedings. An attorney can help you choose a cost-effective and efficient succession proceeding.
  • The attorney’s experience. Scott Vicknair Law, Estate and Probate Division attorneys help hundreds of families throughout Louisiana each year. We’ve likely helped someone else with an issue similar to yours. While past results are not a guarantee of results in your case, our experience can provide you with useful information about how we approach similar cases.
  • Potential issues that could come up in your succession case. After you’ve explained your situation, ask the lawyer what issues he anticipates. Let your lawyer know about any issues you can think of such as property located in states other than Louisiana, heirs who can’t be found, children excluded from the will, and anything else that is of concern to you.
  • Future communication. Talk about how communication will work between you and the law firm, what the lawyer expects or needs from you, and what you can expect from your attorney. Ask your lawyer about the different steps involved in the succession process, so you know what to anticipate.
  • Legal fees. Our probate lawyers provide cost-effective succession solutions. We would be happy to explain our legal fees to you, so you have the necessary information to make your own cost benefit analysis before you hire an attorney.

Getting answers to these issues will provide you with information about whether you need a lawyer for a succession case. Then, you can make your own informed decision about how to proceed.

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