As probate and estate attorneys, we see clients at various stages of the process. Some clients are looking ahead to get their ducks in a row, but others are coping with a recent death or struggling with uncooperative family members. Our legal team is prepared to meet you wherever you are in the process. Learn more about each stage here.

Dealing With an Estate After DeathDealing With an Estate After Death

Before you can do anything to settle the estate of a loved one who has passed away in Louisiana, the estate will have to go through the succession process. Known as probate in other states, this process can be simple and quick, or it can be long, complicated, and expensive. When you choose to work with the experienced succession and probate attorneys at Scott | Vicknair Law, you can rest assured that we will make the process as easy as possible, given the details of the estate.

Whether the decedent left a Last Will & Testament or not, the estate will have to go through some type of succession procedure. If the heirs are cooperative and there are few or no challenges, succession should be fairly easy. However, things can go wrong at any stage of the process. When you are represented by an experienced succession attorney, major problems can usually be avoided. Contact the Estate & Probate Division of Scott | Vicknair Law to discuss the succession of your loved one’s estate. We have helped hundreds of families in Louisiana, and we can help you too.

Estate PlanningEstate Planning

Whether it is the death of a loved one, hearing a horror story about a contested estate, or a scary medical diagnosis that has you thinking about your own estate plan, the Estate & Probate Division of Scott | Vicknair Law is prepared to help you make the right choices to protect your family and preserve your wealth. Our estate planning team focuses on two areas: planning for what will happen if you are left incapacitated or mentally unable to handle your affairs and documenting what you want to happen to your assets and property after you are gone.

When you meet with our attorneys in our New Orleans office, we will take the time to understand your unique situation as we explain the options that are available to you. Every family is different, and we never use fill-in-the-blank forms when crafting estate plans. We will draft a custom plan that takes into account your wishes for your care if you become disabled and your heirs after you are gone. Don’t wait another day to take the important first step towards achieving peace of mind.

Estate LitigationEstate Litigation

Coping with the loss of a family member is not easy, and problems with settling the estate make it even more difficult. If you doubt the validity of a Last Will & Testament or are concerned that a trust or succession proceeding has been mishandled, you may need to take legal action to protect your inheritance rights. If you are an estate representative and are being threatened by a disinherited family member or accused of mismanagement, you will need help defending yourself. 

When a family dispute or suspicious activity is interfering with the settlement of an estate, let our experienced estate litigators help you. The estate litigation team at Scott | Vicknair Law has handled a variety of succession legal challenges and will protect your rights and interests, whether you’re seeking to bring a claim, preserve the status quo, or defend yourself. We have seen it all when it comes to complicated family dynamics and are experienced with estates of all sizes. Don’t let the problem escalate any further. Call Scott | Vicknair Law, Estate & Probate Division today.