Learn How to Save Time and Money During the Succession Process

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100% FREE information-packed webinar on opening succession in Louisiana.

Estate and Probate Attorney Brad P. Scott hosts an EXCLUSIVE half-hour WEBINAR on how to transfer property after someone passes away in Louisiana. Brad explains how to get started on the right path and how to make sure to use the correct legal process to minimize the time and costs needed to handle an estate. Avoid wasting months and months of time and thousands of dollars by making sure the best legal procedure is used to handle an estate.

Who is this for?

* If you have someone who passed away and you need to transfer property to heirs. 
* If you are unsure how a "succession" works.
* If you are not certain if you need to hire an attorney.
* If everyone involved is ready to cooperate.

This is Probate Law 101 and will provide you the basic information needed to understand the succession process in Louisiana. We want you to avoid wasting time and money by learning the best way to handle the estate. 

Who is this NOT for?

* It’s not for you if you have a contested estate legal issue.
* It’s not for you if the heirs of the estate are not willing to cooperate to handle things quickly and fairly.

We're Here to Help

The succession and probate team at Scott | Vicknair Law helps hundreds of families every year with succession issues, so it is likely we have seen and dealt with the situation you are facing. Let our experience work for you to make the probate process as easy and cost-effective as possible. Contact us to get started down the right path today.

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