Our Experienced Louisiana Probate and Succession Attorneys Are Ready to Help Your Family

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When a person dies in Louisiana, a series of steps must be followed to settle his or her estate. This process—known as probate in most states—is called succession in Louisiana. Depending on the specifics of the deceased’s estate, this could be a simple process, or it could be a long, drawn-out ordeal. Either way, working with a probate & estate attorney is the smart way to go. As the Estate & Probate Division of Scott | Vicknair Law, we are not just attorneys who do successions. We are succession attorneys.

Simplifying the Probate and Succession Process in Louisiana

Most of our clients come to us not knowing exactly what legal services they need. Either a loved one has died recently and they need to wrap up the estate, or a family member’s estate has been stuck in probate for many years, and they don’t know why. Our job is to diagnose the legal issue and find a cost-effective, efficient solution. 

Our probate and succession team has handled hundreds of estates in Louisiana, so there are very few situations we haven’t already seen. Clients typically call us because:

  • A family member has recently passed away. Our team guides clients through the succession process, no matter how complicated it is.
  • Their current lawyer is stuck. When money has been tied up in an estate for an extended time period because the original lawyer doesn’t know how to get the case moving again, we can take over and find a resolution.
  • A major life event has them examining their options. It is often the loss of a parent or the birth of a child that motivates people to work on an estate plan. We help clients prioritize their goals and develop a plan that will grow with them.
  • They are having a problem with a family member. An uncooperative or aggressive family member can cause significant difficulties during the estate settlement process, but our experienced team can step in and help you protect your legal rights.

Our approach to these situations is often to “reverse engineer” the problem to find a solution. In other words, we help our clients determine what it is they want to accomplish and work backward from there to reach their goals.

Most Louisiana successions proceed with little or no difficulty. However, when there is a problem, you need an experienced attorney. Put us to work for you to make the probate process as quick and easy as possible.