Sometimes the executor or administrator of a Louisiana estate may hire a succession lawyer to help settle an estate. Often, this legal representation is enough to complete the succession favorably. However, sometimes potential heirs have competing interests and may benefit from consulting their own succession attorneys. Heir disputes

Potential Heir Disputes

Louisiana heirs may disagree about many different things, including:

  • Who should be an heir. Whether the decedent died with a will or intestate, potential heirs may disagree about who should inherit property. If you believe that you are an heir to the estate, you may need your own lawyer to protect your rights.
  • The value of the estate. The distribution of property among heirs may depend on how different parts of the estate are valued. An incorrect valuation may lead to unfair inheritances. A succession lawyer can make sure that every part of the estate is appropriately and fairly valued before property is distributed.
  • The value of each heir’s inheritance. Heirs often disagree about how much each heir should receive. If the will is vague or invalid or your loved one died without a will, a succession attorney may help protect your inheritance.

Do You Need a Succession Lawyer?

If you have any questions about your rights as an heir, you should speak with an attorney to determine if you need legal assistance. You may save time, money, and conflict by getting legal advice as soon as possible. Familial problems can cause significant emotional suffering during a time when you are already mourning.

Call or complete our online contact form to get started on your case. Retaining an experienced Louisiana succession lawyer will help you handle your succession issue quickly, cost-efficiently, and with as little emotional turmoil as possible.