It’s your right not to serve as executor at the beginning of a succession process or to resign as executor at any time during the succession proceedings. When you choose not to be an executor

Reasons You May Not Want to Serve as Executor

Generally, there are two reasons why you may decide not to serve as executor:

  1. You didn’t know you were named as executor. Most often, the person asked to serve as executor of an estate has discussed this responsibility with a loved one prior to his death. However, that doesn’t always happen. If you were named as executor and didn’t know it, you have the right to refuse to serve in this position.
  2. Your circumstances have changed. Maybe you agreed to be the executor of a loved one’s estate years before his death. However, your circumstances may be significantly different now, and it’s difficult for you to handle this responsibility. For example, you might have moved out of state, be dealing with your own illness, or be faced with a situation that makes it difficult for you to be an effective executor.

Talk to a Louisiana Succession Lawyer Before You Decide to Serve as Executor

Executors have important jobs and a lot of responsibility. You may want to fulfill your loved one’s wishes and serve as executor, but you may be concerned about the time commitment and impact on your other responsibilities.

Our experienced Louisiana succession lawyers can help you decide what to do. If you choose to remain as executor, we can help you through the succession process as easily as possible. Alternatively, if you decide that you won’t be the executor, we can find someone to serve as the estate’s personal representative, so the succession can be settled. Call us or fill out the contact form on this page to learn more about your options.