It can be overwhelming and stressful to deal with the legal issues of a succession in an area where you don’t live. As you continue to live your life while grieving the loss of your parent, you understandably want to minimize the legal headaches that come with settling a parent’s estate. The right parish for filing a succession

Where to File a Succession

Louisiana law is clear. As an executor, where you live is irrelevant to determining where to file a succession.

If your parent lived in Louisiana, you must file a succession in the parish where your parent was domiciled at the time of death. Even if your parent owned multiple properties, succession must be filed in the parish where your parent primarily lived before death.

If your parent lived out of state at the time of death but owned property in Louisiana, you must file a succession in the parish where the property is located.

As the executor, you must comply with the requirements of Louisiana law. If you file a succession in the wrong parish, the District Court will reject your filing, and the estate will need to pay another filing fee to file the succession in the right parish.

Don’t Let a Succession Disrupt Your Life

Your parent likely named you as the executor because your parent trusted you. It was not your parent’s intention to make more work for you, to cause you to incur additional expenses, or to keep you away from your occupation, school, or family obligations, so you could travel to complete succession requirements.

The succession and probate attorneys of Scott | Vicknair Law handle cases throughout Louisiana. Whether you live in a different part of the state from where your parent last lived, you live out of state, or you lived right next door to your mom or dad, we can help make sure that your succession case is filed in the right parish. We can help you avoid the inconvenience of frequent travel to complete the succession process.

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