Yes, succession representatives are paid for their work in Louisiana successions. Both executors appointed in wills and administrators appointed in intestate successions may receive compensation according to Louisiana lawCompensation pay for executors

Compensation for Executors and Administrators

Louisiana law provides for the following compensation:

  • Reasonable compensation for executors, as provided in the will
  • Reasonable compensation for administrators, as provided by agreement between the surviving spouse and all competent heirs and legatees

If the executor’s compensation is not set in the will or the administrator’s compensation can’t be reached by agreement, the executor or administrator may be paid an amount equal to two and one-half percent of the amount of inventory as compensation. If the court finds that two and one-half percent is inadequate given the circumstances of the particular succession, it may increase the amount of compensation.

Compensation is payable when the final account of the estate is approved, but the court may allow an administrator or an executor an advance on compensation at any time during the administration of the estate.

If a provisional administrator or an administrator of a vacant succession is appointed, that person shall be allowed fair and reasonable compensation for their services, as determined by the court.

If You Disagree With Succession Representative Compensation

You may be an heir who believes that the executor or administrator is being paid too much, or you may be a succession representative who is being underpaid. Either way, you may face a legal fight if you can’t reach an agreement about succession representation compensation.

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