Losing a loved one is never easy, and navigating the probate process can be especially hard when you’re grieving. You may wonder if you should hire a succession attorney to help settle your loved one’s estate. Your first meeting with a succession lawyer

A Meeting With a Louisiana Succession Lawyer May Help

At your first meeting with a Louisiana succession lawyer, you may have the opportunity to discuss many important matters regarding the estate of your loved one, including:

  • Whether succession is necessary and various succession options. Louisiana law allows for different types of successions. After learning more about your loved one’s succession case, an attorney can explain which succession option may be right for you and the pros and cons of each choice.
  • How to find the will and/or review it. One of the first things you need to know is whether your loved one had an enforceable will and where that will is located. A legally enforceable will identifies potential heirs and identifies what they should receive. Without a will, the succession will proceed according to Louisiana’s laws of intestacy.
  • How to identify an estate executor or administrator. The executor may have been appointed in the will, and that person may agree to serve as executor. If there is no named executor, the court will appoint an administrator to handle the succession case. An executor or administrator has specific duties but is not an attorney. Often, a succession lawyer is still necessary for the successful administration of the estate.
  • Potential costs. Succession costs and attorney fees will be discussed, so you know what to expect.
  • Next steps. You want the succession to proceed smoothly and without delay. An experienced lawyer can identify the next steps for you.
  • All your questions. You may have difficult questions to ask about inheritance, heirs, estate debts, and other sensitive matters. An experienced and empathetic attorney can answer your questions.

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