Louisiana Probate (Succession) Guide BOOK

If you recently found yourself needing to open a succession (probate) for a loved one, you've quickly discovered three things:

1. The succession process can seem overwhelming and confusing, especially if you are grieving

2. Louisiana law is different in many ways from the other 49 states

3. There are different types of succession; how do you know which procedure is best for your unique situation?

In this FREE fifty-six page book, written by a native Louisiana attorney who focuses on Louisiana successions, you'll learn:

  • WHAT is succession? (page 1)
  • Do I even need to OPEN a succession? (page 2)
  • What are the different types of succession? (page 4)
  • 6 Specific pieces of information you need to gather to begin the process (page 6)
  • Who will inherit (page 9)
  • What happens if an heir is missing (page 18)
  • Why the surviving spouse does NOT automatically inherit everything (page 19)
  • The importance of a Last Will and Testament (page 21)
  • Who "forced heirs" are, and why they can not be written out of a will (page 29)
  • Contesting a will: common reasons why and how (page 30)
  • Which assets DO NOT have to pass through succession? (page 36)
  • How are estate debts paid (page 41)
  • How to refuse an inheritance (page 49)
  • ... and MUCH MORE!


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Brad Scott
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