After Death Estate Checklist

Get a Loved One's Affairs in Order After They've Passed

Our firm has witnessed far too many clients be overwhelmed by the procedural duties following the death of a loved one. To help during this emotional time, our succession and estate planning attorneys have developed this step-by-step guide to help prepare a loved one's estate for succession. By requesting and following this helpful checklist, you can be better prepared for opening a Louisiana succession.

What Do I Need to Consider After a Loved One Passes?

From canceling mail to checking for benefits to arranging care for pets, there are key aspects of the deceased's life that need to be settled. Often-overlooked steps can cause difficulties during and after the succession process, as well as leaving undiscovered benefits unclaimed. Additionally, you want to protect your loved one's estate from fraud and identity theft, as well as ensuring any legal responsibilities have been fulfilled. Our report will cover the important details that need to be addressed in order to successfully settle an estate.

Additional Post-Death Resources in the Report

Our report makes it as easy as possible to find the information you need. We list where and how to find such resources as death certificates, Social Security, insurance policies, pensions, Veteran's Affairs and credit reporting information. 

Your Dedicated Louisiana Succession Attorneys are Here to Help

The Louisiana succession division of Scott Vicknair Law is dedicated to helping you and your family during this trying time. Contact our law office in New Orleans or Covington, Louisiana, today to discuss any further probate and estate needs you may have!

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