The Season of Giving Has Arrived

The days between Thanksgiving and the new year are commonly referred to as the season of giving. We spend these days scouring through our favorite stores, searching for the perfect gifts to give our loved ones. But there’s more to the season of giving than giving and receiving gifts from those we know and love. This time of year provides us with an opportunity to give to those less fortunate than us. Many local and national organizations need money, volunteers, and resources to further support their causes ... CONTINUE READING

What Started as a Joke Became Reality

Melanie Shaha is currently fighting her third brain cancer battle. For 15 years, she’s been suffering from a benign tumor on her pituitary gland. Although she doesn’t mind being sick, going to her appointments, focusing on her treatment, and talking to loved ones about her cancer, she doesn’t like looking sick ... CONTINUE READING

Protect Your Personal Data From Scammers

We get busy shopping for Christmas gifts online and in-store during the holiday season. It’s the season that keeps on giving — but not for all. Scammers will devise clever ways to con you out of your hard-earned money. Some will take advantage of your generosity. So, as you scroll through shopping websites and wait for your gifts to come in the mail, be sure to protect yourself from scammers. Here are some tips ... CONTINUE READING

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