Life Lessons Gained From Fishing

We’ve finally made it to June, which means the official beginning of the summer season is just around the corner. For many people, this time of year is great for beach vacations and extra time with the kids since they’ll be free from school for a few months. For me personally, this is also a good opportunity to spend some quality time on the water with a rod and reel. If you’re looking for an excuse to spend a day at your favorite fishing spot, look no further than National Go Fishing Day on June 18 ... CONTINUE READING

When It Rains, It Pours

Some people love the rain. After all, there’s something magical about thunder rolling through the clouds as lightning illuminates a multitude of raindrops. Yet, if the storm is too strong — or even dangerous to be in — people might not enjoy it at all. And that certainly appears to have been the case in 1996 when an Israeli woman in Haifa, Israel, sued a television station because of their incorrect weather report ... CONTINUE READING

How to Handle a Stalker

When many think of stalking, the common image is likely a stranger prowling around in the shadows of the night, showing up at random places uninvited, or spying on victims from afar. However, stalking can potentially involve so much more.

Stalking is menacing behavior that makes victims feel unsafe and can lead to some terrifying acts. Stalking is more common than you may think ... CONTINUE READING

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