Lessons Learned From a Recent Trip To DC

There’s arguably no day more important in American history than the Fourth of July. While we now celebrate the holiday by grilling and shooting off fireworks, the true meaning of the Fourth should never be forgotten. It commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence which granted our country independence from Great Britain. Our Founding Fathers believed that the colonists should not have to deal with the laws and rules of an overseeing government on the other side of the ocean. Instead, they decided to provide their people with rights and freedoms we still enjoy ... CONTINUE READING

Ex-Beatle Sued for Plagiarism

In November 1970, George Harrison released his first solo single and biggest hit, “My Sweet Lord.” The song shot to No. 1 internationally and achieved the rare feat of bringing religious devotion to the pop charts. Only one problem arose — despite what the record label said, George Harrison didn’t write it ... CONTINUE READING

‘The Repair Shop’: Relaxing and Heartwarming Television

Reality television can be a great way to turn off your mind, but most options are full of petty drama and sarcastic remarks. For some of us, it can get a little tiring. One show out of the U.K. is taking a refreshingly gentler approach. “The Repair Shop” follows passionate craftspeople as they fix antiques, and every object they work on has a story behind it ... CONTINUE READING

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