Important Advice for Recent and Future Graduates

As we enter the month of May, many young adults will be looking toward the future as they finish up formal education. High school graduates will have their eyes set on college, trade school, or joining the workforce. College graduates will be applying for jobs, hoping they’ll get an opportunity in their field. No matter what level of education you or your child have achieved, plenty of opportunities to grow and reach new levels of success await ... CONTINUE READING

5 Solutions for Quality Sleep

All day long, thoughts run through your mind, and by the end of the day, your head is probably ready to explode. After all, it’s estimated that in 24 hours you can have between 60,000–80,000 thoughts. At some point, your brain needs a break, and that’s especially true before you try to go to bed. Here are some ways to quiet your mind, so you can get a full night’s sleep ... CONTINUE READING

Nonprofit Builds Free Homes for Licensed Foster Families

Studies show that over half of the children in foster care also have a sibling in the foster system. Of those children, more than 75% are separated. In North Carolina, Fostering Hopes joined forces with another nonprofit, H3 Collective, to build foster homes so they can keep large sibling groups together. Some of these homes are big enough to house five children, which is usually the maximum number of children the foster system allows under one roof ... CONTINUE READING

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