Yes. It doesn’t matter if you have a close and loving relationship with your sibling or if you’re estranged and haven’t spoken in years. A sibling’s actions could impact your inheritance, and you should ensure that your rights are protected. When a sibling contests a parent's will

When to Contact an Estate Litigation Attorney

You can contact an estate litigation lawyer any time you think there may be a dispute about your parent’s will. If your brother or sister has told you they intend to challenge the will, if you’ve received formal notice of litigation, or if you’ve heard from someone else that a potential challenge may be coming, you should obtain legal representation. Even if a sibling’s arguments don’t seem to impact your rights, it is a good idea to check with an attorney to make sure that there are no unexpected consequences.

What to Discuss With an Estate Litigation Lawyer

If a sibling is contesting your parent’s will, that doesn’t mean they have grounds to do so. When you meet with one of our New Orleans estate litigation attorneys, we will:

  • Review your parent’s will. A thorough review is necessary to determine how property should be distributed and if the will meets the necessary requirements to survive a legal challenge.
  • Discuss your sibling’s claims. After carefully examining your sibling’s claims, we will let you know whether your sibling has a good chance of success or whether the claim is frivolous.
  • Talk about your priorities and goals. These may include maintaining or building a relationship with your siblings and/or protecting your inheritance.

Our experienced Louisiana estate litigation lawyers will advise you of your rights and legal options. We want you to know the truth about your rights and make the decisions you believe are in your best interest. Please contact us today to discuss your claim.