A succession in Louisiana will be needed in order to transfer the Louisiana real estate from your dad to his heirs. The procedure is known as an ancillary succession proceeding.
Louisiana law provides that when a non-resident dies and owned property in Louisiana, that a succession can be opened here in Louisiana to transfer ownership of the property. In order for the succession representative in the Mississippi succession proceeding to act with respect to the property, however, it will be necessary for him or her to qualify to do so in the Louisiana court where the ancillary succession will be filed.
If your father had a Last Will and Testament that has already been probated in the Mississippi succession, Louisiana law permits you to present a copy of the probated will and the Louisiana court will allow the will to have the same force and effect as the original probate of a domestic will.

How We Can Help

Ancillary succession proceedings are usually pretty simple to conduct and can be opened and completed sometimes within as little as a few days if necessary. Contact our office to get started today.