Some families wonder if they need to hire a succession attorney. A succession lawyer can help you save money, stress, and time in many different succession situations. However, there are some situations when hiring a succession attorney is especially important. When you need a succession attorney

A Succession Attorney Can Help Prevent Problems

Successions may become complicated quickly if:

  • Your loved one died intestate. Louisiana law provides instructions for how an estate should be distributed if someone dies without a will. However, intestate successions may be complicated or contested, and potential heirs should make sure their rights are protected before the estate is settled.
  • Your loved one died with creditors. Most people die with some debt. They may have financial obligations, such as mortgages, car loans, medical debt, or credit card debt, that were incurred before death. They may also have funeral and burial costs. Louisiana law provides specific rules about how debtors are paid, but the estate and individual heirs need to make sure their rights are protected.
  • Your heirs disagree. Sometimes heirs disagree about the validity of a will, the identity of heirs, or other issues that could impact the succession process. When heirs or potential heirs disagree, a succession lawyer can help settle disputes and complete the succession.
  • Your loved one died with minor children. Children deserve physical and financial protection after the death of a parent. An attorney can make sure that custody of minor children is taken care of according to the parent’s wishes and Louisiana law and that their financial inheritances are protected.

Don’t Hesitate to Reach Out to a Succession Lawyer

Our Louisiana succession attorneys provide cost-effective and time-efficient succession representation to hundreds of families each year. Call us or complete our contact form today to schedule an initial consultation. We will review your succession issues and provide you with an honest opinion about how we can help you.


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