Over the course of a lifetime, some people in Louisiana may acquire property in one more than one parish. Maybe your loved one owned a business property in Orleans Parish and a home in Jefferson Parish. Perhaps your loved one had additional investment or vacation properties in other Louisiana parishes. The deceased has property in more than one parish

In these types of cases, succession complications can create problems unless you have the help of an experienced Louisiana succession lawyer.

File for Succession in One Parish

Despite your loved one’s multiple property holdings, succession is only filed in one Louisiana parish. In most cases, you should open succession in the parish where your loved one’s primary residence was located. It doesn’t matter if your loved one owned or rented the primary residence. Either way, the district court in that parish is where succession should be opened.

What Happens After Succession Is Opened

After succession is successfully opened and all issues are resolved, the court will issue a Judgment of Possession that was prepared by the succession lawyer. The Judgment of Possession will include a description of all of your loved one’s properties, identify the people who are inheriting the property, and put third parties on notice about the transfer of property.

Your succession attorney will make sure that certified copies of the Judgment of Possession are issued for each parish in which your loved one owned property. Then, the attorney will make sure that the certified copy of the Judgment of Possession is correctly filed in each applicable parish. If this Judgement of Possession is not filed appropriately, it could create title problems for the people who inherit property in a specific parish.

Our succession lawyers can help you and your family avoid title problems, unnecessary travel around the state, and succession complication headaches. Call us, or reach out to us through our contact form today to schedule an initial meeting with one of our experienced Louisiana probate and estate lawyers.


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