Small estate planning for New Orleans, Louisiana, successionAre you looking for a quick and cost effective way to handle a small, simple estate in Louisiana? The Louisiana Small Succession Affidavit may be just what you need.

Cost-Effective and Quick Solution for Transferring Smaller Estates

The estate for a decedent who pass away owning property in Louisiana valued at under $125,000.00 can often be handled using an out-of-court procedure known as a small succession affidavit. Instead of having to file pleadings in court, Louisiana law permits an affidavit to be prepared that includes information about when and where they passed away, identification of the assets of the decedent, the marital and family information of the decedent, and the identity of the heirs who will inherit the decedent’s assets.

Once completed, the small succession affidavit can be used to close and transfer bank accounts and transfer title of real estate to the heirs. This procedure is the quickest and least expensive way to handle transferring assets from a decedent and allows the family to avoid probate court. This procedure however cannot be used if the decedent had a last will and testament that needs to be probated. Finally, cooperation between all of the heirs as well as the surviving spouse is necessary to be able to handle the estate using a small succession affidavit. If any of these criteria are not met, this procedure may not be able to be used.

We Can Help

Many lawyers are quick to offer more expensive procedures for handling an estate that could be handled using a small succession affidavit.  Before you hire any attorney, make sure they are working with your best interest in mind and considering all options, even the lower fee options to help you with your legal needs.  Our estate and probate team helps hundreds of families every year with successions and estates throughout Louisiana. Contact us today and let us help you find the most cost-effective and quickest solution for your succession legal needs.

Brad Scott
Experienced estate planning, estate litigation and Louisiana succession attorney.
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