There are different kinds of legacies in Louisiana estates, but all legacies have one thing in common. A legacy is property that is distributed from an estate to an heir. If you are an heir, it is essential to understand the different types of Louisiana legacies, so you know what to expect when the estate is settled. Property gifts

Five Kinds of Louisiana Legacies

Louisiana legacies include:

  • Universal legacies. A universal legacy provides all of the estate property, or all that is left of the estate property after particular legacies, to one or more people.
  • General legacies. While a universal legacy is all of the estate, or all that is left of the estate after particular legacies, a general legacy is a fraction or proportion of the estate. The fraction or proportion may be of the entire estate or the estate that is left after particular legacies. A general legacy my include separate or community property, movable or immovable property, or corporeal or incorporeal property.
  • Particular legacies. Any legacy that is not a universal legacy or a general legacy is a particular legacy. As the term suggests, a particular legacy refers to specific property rather than a portion or remainder of the estate’s property.
  • Separate legacies. When a legacy is provided to more than one person, it must be either a joint legacy or a separate legacy. If the testator assigned shares to each person, it is a separate legacy.
  • Joint legacies. When a legacy is left to more than one person, and specific shares are not assigned, the legacy is a joint legacy.

These terms may seem like legalese. However, it’s essential to understand the different types of legacies, so the testator’s wishes are honored, and you and the other heirs get the inheritances the testator intended for you.

Do You Have Questions About a Louisiana Estate?

Our Louisiana succession attorneys are here to help you. You don’t have to worry about the different types of legacies or any other legal provisions of the will. We will make sure you are treated fairly, and the estate is handled appropriately pursuant to Louisiana law.

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