After your loved one dies, you may be named as an heir. Even if you’re grateful that you were included in your loved one’s estate plan, but you may not know what to do with the succession papers that the estate executor has provided you. If you're given succession paperwork

Don’t Sign the Papers Yet

The succession papers that you receive may have been prepared by the executor, another family member, or an attorney. Regardless of who prepared the papers and how much they are pressuring you to sign them, it’s important to talk to your own succession lawyer before you sign anything.

There could be potential problems with the succession as it is presented to you because:

  • The person who prepared the succession failed to identify all wills, property, or heirs.
  • The person who prepared the succession wanted to manipulate the estate for personal gain.
  • The person who prepared the succession had the best of intentions but made a mistake.
  • The papers you’ve been served do not fulfill the wishes of the decedent’s estate plan or comply with Louisiana’s laws of intestacy.

Therefore, before you sign anything regarding a succession, you must understand what you are signing.

How a Louisiana Succession Lawyer Can Help

Before you sign the papers, an experienced lawyer can review them and ask questions of the executor or attorney who prepared them that you might not know to ask. We can make sure that no mistakes are made before the succession is filed and save you money, aggravation, and potential financial loss.

Even if the papers are already signed, we may be able to correct the succession paperwork and refile with the court.

Therefore, whether you have already signed the paperwork or not, we encourage you to contact our experienced Louisiana succession lawyers today to make sure that your rights are protected and that you treated fairly during the succession of your loved one’s estate.


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